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When printing a 16x20 image with PosterShop lite for the Epson 300 I receive the follow error when print is at 80% printed. HARDWARE KEY ERROR you postershop hardware key has been exchanged with a different key. please restore the original key and continue operation. I do not have another key. I checked winkey and the serial number matches the key serial nimver. I have a power managment turned off and am using windows 98. Please help I need to print this image ASAP. Any suggestions?

-- Russ Burrow (ruburrow@megsinet.net), June 10, 1999


I have a mimaki jv2 130 with postershop pro/server 4.5 I have recieved the same error ,I have to restart the computer to fix the problem then everything is fine again. It seems to be a postershop bug.But they havent responded to my e-mail. I dont think it has to do with your equipment. the dongle runs off of the parallel port and just seems to get confused. Sorry not much help but just thought you would like to know you arnt the only one with this problem

-- Darrel Hopkins (dt@msvlposters.com), August 22, 1999.

we have the same problem as you do each time when we use postershop lite 4.5,HP2000CP The " hardware key error ......" is to be found whenever the printing length is over 1m long, which made feel mad with it. I don't know when ONYX COMPANY will issue a mending program to solve this problem.I failed each time when I tried to solve this problem with ever possible ways I could find.

Please give me a method to solve my problem

-- guitang (c.g.t@263.net), August 27, 1999.

Postershop 4.5 requires the key file to be a rebuild key file not just thew typical upgrade. I pucheased 4.5 proServer and it would only install Postershop Lite. Also I have been told that you shouldn't print through your dongle, change ports or add an LPT card, Printing via an ethernet box like IntelPrint can speed up printing many fold.

-- Chris Mensing (cmensing@ticnet.com), October 02, 1999.

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