Spectrum Dash 8 40 - dcc decoder install

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We are adding DCC to various engines. Understand that unstall for decoder to Spectrum's is not the easiest. Would appreciate advice. We will be using Digitrax.

Also have a Walthers FM 10-44 that I would like to add DCC to. Same as above.

-- Pat Boyle (pmboyle@mail.ivsi.com), June 06, 1999


The biggest problem that you will have with this model is the milling of the frame. I get around that though by using a NCE DASR or even a DigiTrax DH150A. Of course start by removing the circut board and replacing the decoder (with double sided tape) to the underside of the shell. It wont melt the shell and will have enough air for the heat decoders generate. Use the proper resistors in series with the bulbs of your choice. Two important points are that you will have to take the frame apart and isolate the motor and make sure the frame halves don't touch each other. Second, remember that the orange motor wire should be attached to the bottom on Spectrum locomotive and the Gray on the top. It's a pretty easy process and the locomotives run smooth already so enjoy.

-- Joseph McNeil (RytTraxx6801@aol.com), April 21, 2002.

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