What size pot for the first planting

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I have found a charming little oaktree which I think can develop into a beautiful bonsai. It is about 15 cm tall -not including the roots. How big a pot would you recommend?

-- Niels H. S. Nielsen (nhsn@ruc.dk), May 28, 1999


You should be aware that an oak is probably the hardest tree to sculpt. It sounds as if you are a beginner, and I would strongly recommend you to find another type of tree for your first. I would suggest Marble instead.

-- Niels H. S. Nielsen (nhsn@ruc.dk), May 28, 1999.

It really depend on the roots. After you have cut the roots, you should make sure that you fit the tree into the smallest size tray that will hold it. I suggest that you look at the "Beginners How-To" in this forum for the basics.
I disagree with the previous posting. oak is ok for a first tree, if you live in a geographic area where oak grows naturally, otherwise it is almost impossible.

-- Niels H. S. Nielsen (nhsn@ruc.dk), May 29, 1999.

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