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Can anyone recommend a Fast Ethernet card (100Mbps) that won't cause data loss between between NT/PS 4.5 and HP3500? I've tried two different Intel models, both of which caused ruined prints with white streaks or "barcode" streaks. Onyx is aware of this issue, and recommends "Kensington" cards, only no one I've contacted knows of any Ethernet cards by Kensington, the manufacturer of Mac trackballs and other accessories. Or is there some other company out there called Kensington that my WWW searches have not turned up. HELP!!!!!

-- Michael Nichay (, May 26, 1999


(1) The name may not be kensington but Kingston!!!

(2) We successfully use intel 10/100 mhz ethernet with the HP and other printers without a problem, it may be that your problem is not with the card but elsewhere, maybe cable or hub problem. Also may be that the Jet Direct interface on your HP3500 is faulty.

-- Simon Johnson (, May 27, 1999.

I had similar Problems with Jet Diredt Box on my Encad, Switched to IntelPrint and No More Problems

-- Chris Mensing (, October 02, 1999.

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