Who would I work with as a doula?

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Would I work on my own, with the hospital, or with the OB/GYNs? There's no other doula's in my area to work with, so if I can't make it to a birth for some reason, I'd feel bad that the woman didn't get that support she expected and needed. Thanks for the advice.

-- Lisa Anne Funk (Debellum@hotmail.com), May 23, 1999


Hi Lisa, First of all, what a wonderful "ground floor" opportunity for you! You are in a unique position to bring awareness of what you do, and what a Doula is all about to your community. Perhaps in your excitement of becoming a Doula, your enthusiasm will rub off on others, and they can join you in your endeavors to create awareness of Doulas as well as give more women the opportunity to use the services of a Doula. You could approach Ob/Gyn Dr.'s, midwives, or hospitals in your area and let them know you are available to their clients, and what services you offer, and still keep your business your business. You don't have to become an employee of theirs. As far as back up goes, you would have to be very honest with your prospective clients, and let them know what days/times you might not be available to them, and that you don't have any backup at present. It really is something that can be worked out, and as you spread the word, and your client's tell others word will get around and it won't be long before you are in good company! Good Luck to You!! Terry

-- Terry Emrick (Birthmater@aol.com), May 24, 1999.

Ditto what Terry said.

I strongly believe that it is best to work privately rather than work for an OB/midwife/hospital exclusively. It has been wonderful for some doulas and is great for getting regular work but, to me, it seems detrimental. I want to work for my clients and not have any divided loyalties. I'm working towards the birth that the clients want and this isn't always compatible with a careprovider. It would be difficult to even mention that could be the case if I were getting all my clients from that person. While I wouldn't directly say "they won't allow that" what if I brought a question into the clients mind that the careprovider didn't want to hear about? It could get sticky. Anyway, that's just my take on it.

Also, I agree that you will need to be very honest about not having backup if that is the case. The good part is that I have made it to all of my births. I've called back up only twice when I just needed to take a nap so that my clients would always have a fresh doula.

You'll do great! You are bringing a wonderful service to your area. Kirsten

-- Kirsten Gerrish (kirsten@doula.net), May 25, 1999.

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