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here's the online to do list:

-- Anonymous, May 13, 1999



1. Portfolio

2. Graphic for Create a tightrope walker Gif

3. Figure out other IP

4. Community site - Thurston County Directory

Start makin it Categorize lists of Oly businesses online

Mike- Walter- Irina- 4.Thurston County Chamber of Commerce 5.City of Olympia

ftp info:

host: user: nsadmin password: ruthless directory: /usr/local/AOLserver/servers/server1/pages/

-- Anonymous, May 13, 1999

well rockumsockumrobots, we've begun our plan of infiltrating the oly universe, hahaha. here is the list of businesses we've infected today :


Danger Room - Frank Childhoods' End - Paul Richardson Venturi Photo - need to talk to Steve after 5/24/99 Golden Oldies - Billy (possible Mars-HQ intern) Erlich's - Radience - Wind up Here - Already working on page Don's - Don working on page

did i forget anyone?

-- Anonymous, May 17, 1999

just testing

-- Anonymous, May 13, 1999

hey mike,

the isp sounds like a good alternative, but do they have local dialup access for oly?

make sure to register yourself to email alerts.

-- Anonymous, May 20, 1999

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