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We have a metal parts manufacturing company with about 10 years of SDWT experience, results are very mixed. Each Team is responsible for their Focused Factory. We have 18 teams, with between 3 and 15 Team Members. We have a Steering Committee which needs help, I am the HR Manager and co-lead it with the Operations VP. Are there examples of successfull steering committees? Articles, books, site visits?

-- Robert Duke (, May 06, 1999


The classic is Susan Mohrman's "Self-designing organizations." It describes all stages of getting a steering committee up and running. lists the book, but says it is out of print. Hope that helps.

-- Mike Beyerlein (, May 11, 1999.

A very successful steering Committee which fits your experience and needs very well is UOP in Mobile, Al. Please contact Scott Joiner, HR Manager, for more info and I am sure he would be delighted with an onsite visit. They are doing and have done some really great work.

-- Rosa-Fay Milnar (, July 11, 1999.

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