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Do you have a driver that successfully drives the Roland HiFi Jet FJ50 six color printer. Do you have all the ICC profiles. Is anyone using it successfully?-Kind Regards

-- David Wager (, May 05, 1999


I don't see that anyone has responded to your question so I will.

PosterShop 4.5 has a driver for the FJ50 which supports all the ink options available for the Roland FJ50. PosterShop has full support for the CMYKOrGr ink option mapping the Or and Gr ink into the overall colour space allowing you to input CMYK files and still get the benefit of the extra colour space. Taking this a stage further, PosterShop also supports 6 part DCS2.0 files and LaB format tiff files allowing you to input files with a bigger colour space for printing with CMYKOrGr.

-- Simon Johnson (, May 27, 1999.

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