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-Hi- My name is Julie. I am 19 years old. I graduated from High School in June of 98. I have not had any other schooling. I just attended my first birth as my friends Lamaze coach. When we were taking the Lamaze classes our teacher keept using me as a example she would say to the classs. "Look what Julie is doing for Jessica, why don't you all try that with your partners?" After the last class she pulled me aside and told me I was good at what I was doing and I should seriously look it to being a Doula. At this time I did not even know what a Doula was; so I went out and did some reseach on what a Duola did. Now I not only know what a Doula is but I know that I would like to become one. Since I witnessed my first birth on April 14th this is all I think about. Can anyone help me get started by telling me what books I should be reading that are recommended in some of the courses, and what I should do next in order to get my career on the road. Thanks so much Julie

-- Julianna Relyea (Pidittle@aol.com), April 21, 1999


Hi Julianna, It really sounds like you have found your calling. There are some organizations that have "Required Reading" for their certification processes. Their recommendations include:

Mothering the Mother
Gentle Birth Choices
A Good Birth, A Safe Birth
The Birth Partner
Special Women

There are lots more...you can go to dona.com or icea.org and look at their reading lists for other great books. Also, if you search Amazon.com, there are suggestions on other doula/childbirth/midwifery books that are great! Good Luck to you!

-- Tiesha Johnson (tiesha@ici.net), April 22, 1999.

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