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I have an old IBM laptop that came with a program called VCD. I just got a new Laptop and I want to get that program. IBM makes you manually extract the software disks from the HD when you get it and those disks won't work. Where can I get this program? It read vcd formats.

OR, What program will read the vcd format. I have to open mpeg formats and I have to keep opening new files at the end of each segment. I remember that the VCD program ran the entire video automatically.

-- Jerold Lopez (JeroldERK@aol.com), April 19, 1999


Screw Video CD Player. Go out and buy XingMPEG Player or PowerDVD. They play back all of the Video CDs plus add more features to the mix. Check out www.xingtech.com or www.cyberlink.com.tw

-- Will Shakes (soldier0081@hotmail.com), April 20, 1999.

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