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Dear Francine:

Hello. I have a small question about the two deadlines.

The first: collection of survey on one or more administrative procedures from local NGO

Sorry, I tried my best to collect the survey, but there are few NGOs in China. So I haven't finished this job.

The second: review of operation manual.

could you tell me what specific information I should read in the opertaition manual?

Thank you very much!

Du Ying accountant, HPI/China

-- Anonymous, April 12, 1999


Deadlines are flexible for now.

Du Ying brings up a good point about securing a survey. Babita has gathered information from a source in Nepal. Linas is planning to collect some information, but with the number of visitors to the Philippines lately, she has not had time. So, please do not be concerned if you can not get information for this. Remember, we all agreed that it would be useful, but not required data to gather.

Babita was also concerned about having to read the ENTIRE operations manual. I would suggest that you guys read only those sections relevant to financial and administrative matters. This is, however, still a large amount of reading.

The sections you should focus on specifically are those dealing with: filing coding financial records contracts letter of agreements financial and progress reports audits exchange rates in-country fund raising or any other documents dealing specifically with project/field office related financial or administrative items.

You do not need to review, at this time, things like organizational charts, country plans, job descriptions, etc.

Hope this helps.


-- Anonymous, April 15, 1999

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