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FOSTER CITY, Calif., March 29 /PRNewswire/ -- As corporations and government agencies continue their technology investment to become Y2K compliant, the reality of today's business environment suggests that industry leading brands are the most likely candidates to be negatively impacted by Y2K issues, according to Wilson McHenry Company, a leading technology PR firm.

"Brand leaders in every industry or market category will face the brunt of any Y2K glitches that occur in their product or service supply chain, regardless of how much money they have invested in making their own technology fail-safe," said Lerry C. Wilson, president of Wilson McHenry Company. "If consumers are unable to access information due to a server problem, buy their favorite sweater because of inventory management issues, or receive a bank or credit card statement with incorrect data, they will only remember the company name that reached them. In today's electronically connected business world, these industry leading brands are on the front lines with the consumer and will face the wrath of any back end supplier issues."

WMC's industry experience provides an in-depth perspective on the issues of brand management within the fast-paced technology world. Founded in 1990, Wilson McHenry Company has worked with some of the industries largest brands, including Peter Norton products from Symantec, Quicken from Intuit, Pioneer Electronics, Informix, Charles Schwab, VISA and Advanced Micro Devices.

"Y2K will be a self-fulfilling prophecy for most industry leading brands," said Julie McHenry, CEO of Wilson McHenry Company. "Companies that are communicating with consumers about the issues of Y2K and creating communications programs to protect their brands will be in position to minimize the impact of any Y2K glitches that affect their operations. Transportation companies, banking and financial institutions, retailers, food service providers and other industries whose operations are technology driven all face this issue."

With this in mind, the firm recommends that every company develop a proactive Y2K Brand Protection plan designed to educate and manage Y2K expectations with all audiences.

"By taking an educational, open approach with consumers, brand name companies can establish a relationship of trust that will help them manage their reputations through any crisis situation," said McHenry.

Wilson McHenry Company is a full-service public relations and strategic business communications firm located in Foster City and Hayward, California and New York City. The company co-founded Global Technology Communicators (GTC), the largest worldwide network of affiliate technology firms, to respond to clients' international marketing communications needs. WMC's industry-leading clients include Informix, Pioneer Electronics,, USA.NET, Sequent, SkyStream, Concentric Networks, and others. SOURCE Wilson McHenry Company

-- Sysman (, March 29, 1999


I agree absolutely with these conclusions.

A major problem is that many customers are also DGI's & will simply bin any information sent to them that is not IMMEDIATELY relevant to their needs.

I think that companies will have to implement a carefully orchestrated crescendo of information & be prepared for maybe a busy Autumn when & if customers realise that supplies may be uncertain.

Although one can build up stocks both of raw materials & finnished goods,Levi Jeans highlighted the problems of forecasting sales both in the run up to end December but also into the millenium.If we have anything worse than a bump in the road,sales in many sectors could fall away or the nature of the type of goods bought will change.Additionally if there are problems with credit cards or hire purchase,this would have,I should think,a significant negative effect in many retail sectors.

-- Chris (, March 29, 1999.

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