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This is a start at a discussion with other children

-- Anonymous, March 24, 1999


I am in grade 2

-- Anonymous, March 24, 1999

I am in Mrs. F's class

-- Anonymous, March 24, 1999

this is another comment on the conversation

-- Anonymous, March 30, 1999

This is another test

-- Anonymous, March 31, 1999

This is a beautiful sunny spring day in Milton

-- Anonymous, April 05, 1999

Hello everybody! I am so happy that we are going to start this pen pal project. I am eager to learn about school life in Shanghai!

-- Anonymous, April 05, 1999

Today we read a story about digging a hole to China. Mrs. F. told us that China is on the other side of the globe. Perhaps we could dig a hole on our playground and visit you.

-- Anonymous, April 05, 1999

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