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I have had a mortage for the past 8 years. I am know in arrears and have just had a letter from the b.s. solicitors telling me they are about to seek a repossesion order on my prorerty.

I am unsure what is my best course of action should I take next should Ijust hand the keys back or fight for the property. I have explained my change in circumstances to my lender many times but as the mortage advisor they sent round said all their interested in is getting their money back. Any tips or opinions would be gratefully recieved as this is still a subject that noone seems to be able to give much advise on!

Thanks look forward to hearing from you soon! Jenne

-- Jenne Holmes (, March 18, 1999


My approach would be to ask if I am able to make full payments on the property. If not, I'd hand in the keys. If I were able to pay I'd pay.

The thing you should avoid is going to court - hand in the keys instead. but please read the do's and don'ts section - it is crammed with other people's experience.

-- Lee (, March 18, 1999.

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