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First let me say that I don't trust the Washington Post. This liberal NWO garbage litters my driveway each morning (my wife likes the ads). Horrible. Having said that, I think even the %$^&* Washington Post is trying to drop us a hint: Marines Train... In case they decide that this does not help their NWO agenda, and pull it off the web, here it is: Marines Train in Preparation for Workers' Potential Y2K Anger

By Steve Vogel
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, March 18, 1999; Page J06

Worried about government workers becoming unruly if they're not paid because of Y2K computer problems?

The Marines have thought about this and will be ready if mobs of office workers armed with staplers and briefcases storm the Treasury.

A contingent from the Marine Corps Barracks at Eighth and I streets in Southeast Washington traveled to Quantico Marine Corps Base in Virginia recently to train for handling civil unrest. The scenario, played out at a mock training city at Quantico, involved government workers who are miffed that computer problems associated with the year 2000 computer problem prevent paychecks from being issued.

The Marines, equipped with riot shields and concertina wire, were able to save the republic from the marauding workers--at least in this practice run.

----------------- There is more at the URL, but it is not related to Y2K. It really seems like the Post is trying to drop a hint, without alarming the clueless. Pissed-off government workers attacking the Treasury with staplers sounds kind of stupid. Between a this, a few Gary North posts from today, and an earlier post about no water in Phoenix come Y2K, I'm starting to get worried!

-- Anonymous99 (, March 18, 1999


Now why would the Marines feel such need to waste their time playing such foolish games. Have they not heard that Kos-ki-nen says that the 'puters are all going to be fixed in time? Have they not heard his assurances that the government checks will go out?

-- Confused (, March 18, 1999.

I suspect young jarheads will do as instructed....having limited knowledge of the Constitution & Bill of Rights. I've read Marines & Navy personnel are not bound by the Posse Comitatus Act. However, what they prepare for is the "insulation" of "politicians" from the D.C. populice, off and on murder capitol of the U.S.

-- Charles R. (, March 18, 1999.

Got news for you pal, the forces driving the New World Order are extreme conservatives, not liberals. Kissinger, Rush Limbaugh, Kenneth Starr, Hitler, you know, those kind of people. The Marines are just being used like puppets in the whole scheme of things.

-- @ (@@@.@), March 18, 1999.

Hey, the Marines shouldn't get those briefcase-carrying stapler- wielding bureaucrats too upset. After all, it's the worker bees (and there are a "few") who will be hand writing all of those checks for folks - IF they can get into D.C. and IF the PO is working.

(stocking up on staples . . .)

-- Margaret (, March 18, 1999.

"Got news for you pal, the forces driving the New World Order are extreme conservatives..."

Fiscal conservatives perhaps, but not social conservatives. In general, the mass media is liberal on social issues (race, ethnicity, nationality, government and religion) and conservative on fiscal issues.

As for Hitler, his goal was very limited in geographic scope, in spite of how the victors wrote the history books. It is my understanding that it is the Marxists & big-money interests that seek the NWO (originally referred to as the "League of Nations", now the UN). It is indeed a nice idea to have a way for the world's nations to meet, but like the US takeover of state government by Federal government (in violation of the US constitution), the UN is in the process of overtaking the Federal government. We already indirectly pay taxes to the UN (some Federal taxes fund the UN, when we periodically pay UN dues) and NATO is becoming the UN's defacto military.

Social conservatives, though, have very little voice in contemporary US politics. For the most part, both Democrats and Republicans just do whatever the latest poll indicates is an "easy sell(out)".

-- Anonymous99 (, March 19, 1999.

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