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Hi everyone, how are you all doing? I was just wondering if someone can update me with 3T. I read somewhere that they had moved out of their house. I've been totally lost about 3T for the past year or 2. Hope to hear from someone out there!

-- Debbie Calderon (, March 16, 1999


looks like we have the same prob

-- chris (, May 12, 1999.


looks like they fell off the face of the earth.

-- cat (, May 16, 1999.

Well iv`e been looking everywhere for answers......but the thing is there doesnt seem to be any ! All i can figure is that all those promises 3T made to all us loyal, dedicated fans are broken...."We will always love and respect our fans" they said "We will never leave them" well 3T it looks like we got fooled......cause u did leave us and it feels like u just wanted to make a little profit without any bother of the fans. If ur not carfull guys u`ll soon have no fans because im starting to have 2nd thoughts !!!!! Anyone feel the same ?

-- Ami Simpson (, June 22, 1999.

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