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Hi, Lorne here. I've just set up this Question & Answer discussion area. It's a public service provided by Phillip Greenspun on a very large computer system at MIT. He gives it away for free because it is there and adding another message or two costs him very little.

Anyway... what questions spring to mind? Go ahead, ask anything, including the obvious ones - When will you finish the details of the setup procedure? When will you post the link to the Q&A??? When will you get off your fat ass and start putting some people in my downline? When , oh when , will you tell us where the big lists of lists are?

Try this. When I get a ROUND TUIT. Goto a search engine and find "list of lists", or "Liszt" and see what happens. I'm trying to cut down the number to the quality few at the top... i've seen a few, there is a lot to pick from.

But I digress... ask a question. You may get an answer! Lorne.

-- Anonymous, March 12, 1999

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