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I am a doula andI am looking for some information for another doula about dads and doulas. She has had many people tell her they don't need a doula because their partner will be there. I thought it would help to have an article or web page to refer to. Thanks

-- Jeannette Stolle (, March 10, 1999


You may want to show your friend the info relating to dads and doulas at, This addresses the question if the husband will feel left out.

All of the Dads that I have worked with are greatful that a Doula was there to help them and allowed them to participate in the birth in a way that was comfortable for them. They appreciate the support that a Doula gives them, so that they don't feel the pressure of having to "know it all". A Doula can also help to explain medical procedures and help the couple to make informed decisions. During a long labor the Doula can give the husband a much needed break, allowing him to recharge his energy by taking a nap or getting food.

Sometimes stats are impressive for the men to see how a Doula can shorten labor and cut down on the use of drugs. The partner may want a Doula but not express his desire for fear that Mom may feel that he is trying to back out of the responsibility of being her coach. Good luck.

-- Cheryl K. Baker,AAHCC (CKB2U@AOL.COM), March 11, 1999.

This is a very late response, I know - I've just discovered this discussion page! Just wanted to add that there is evidence now to suggest that women have shorter and easier labours without the dad present. More women are opting for a doula instead of the dad. Personally, having had two children with my partner there (and he was very supportive) and two births with a doula, the doula-only births were quicker. I also must preferred the atmosphere of the birthing with only women present. Bushra

-- Bushra Finch (, July 21, 2002.

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