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We are into the second year of being self directed and I thought it was doing very good BUT then... 3 weeks ago when I arrived at work I found that my office door had been super glued , then last week i found that a shop vacume that everyone can use when needed grew legs and walked away and then Friday an employee came to me and told me that workers are smoking in the break room on 2nd and 3rd shift. My question is should I throw the book at all 4 teams ( they all rotate to the other shifts) or try another approach? any Ideas? thanks

-- jeff whitten (, March 07, 1999



What's happening here isn't related to whether or not you have self- directed work teams. It is happening because someone wants your attention. Try to find out what the issue is without focusing the reaction on the office door super glue incident, or the shop vac, or the smoking...... Do the unexpected thing and try to find out the source of the unrest, without initiating punitive actions just yet.

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Barry W. Clink

-- Barry W. Clink (, March 10, 1999.

Obviously someone(s) have something they want to say and do not know how to say it. Could very well be anger that there are no consequences anymore and no way to hold each other accountable. Could also be testing the waters to see if in fact they can discipline each other or if you will. Call each team and ask them if they have something that they want to say and capture it on flip chart. Be honest and address what you can and say what you cannot.

-- Rosa-Fay Milnar (, July 11, 1999.

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