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hello all,

I don't know what category this comes under. Y2K humor? It's a news article about an interview with Mr Gore.

If you don't want to link to the article, here is my favorite quote.

Gore, who has dealt extensively with the republics of the former Soviet Union on nuclear weapons issues, said, ``We feel, and the Defense Department feels, that problem is not going to be a problem. Of course, it can't be a problem. We won't allow it to be a problem.

.``We're confident that it is going to be solved, but we're going to be doubly, triply and quadrupally confident that it's going to be solved before September of this year.''

Boy, I feel better now. It just isn't a problem. If there isn't a problem with the Russian nukes, I'll just bet there are no other problems either. Boy, glad I didn't get carried away with any of all this prep stuff. I can just go back to sleep, right?

Thanks to all of you for being here. I am finally getting some focus and getting over feeling like a kook. You have tught me alot in the short time I have been lurking here.


-- lilsparky (, March 01, 1999


Great report lilsparky.

I too feel much better.

It is "interesting" the more you eyes get open, isn't it?

-- Greybear

- Got Sunglasses?

-- Greybear (, March 01, 1999.

Sounds like a Gore-Quail ticket to me! Gore-Quail-Bush even better. Tri-illiteral Omission, the New Whirled Disorder. Make your vote count in 2000!

xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx

-- Leska (, March 01, 1999.

LOL @ Leska!

Remember Nixon's "I am not a crook" line? Somehow "That problem is not going to be a problem" reminds of it.

-- Wanda (, March 01, 1999.

God save the Gore!

-- Scotty (, March 01, 1999.

Gore/Garysouth in 2000! yah!!

ROFL!! this is too funny. He's outdone Quayle, I never thought any politician could manage that!

-- Chris (, March 01, 1999.

I couldn't resist...BOOM BOOM OUT GO THE LIGHTS.... LOL Gore, what a joke.

-- John Galt (, March 01, 1999.

Didn't know you whet into humor, lilsparky . ROTFLMAO Eagle

-- Harold Walker (, March 01, 1999.

This could be our next president. Anybody got a nice tropical island I can move to? <:(=

-- Sysman (, March 01, 1999.

Draft Dieter!!!!

-- Arlin H. Adams (, March 01, 1999.


-- Steve Hartsman (, March 02, 1999.

Dieter, Dieter, he's our man!

He's already familar with working in the Capital(s).

And he make more sense than most in DeeCee now.

-- Greybear (, March 02, 1999.

I think we're missing the significance of a statement by Al Gore on Y2K.

When was the last time, that you recall, that Al Gore said something about Y2K? Do you remember anything Al Gore has ever said about Y2K?

Now that I have your attention...doesn't it make you wonder why Gore is speaking now? Does it have anything to do with what's supposed to happen in the Senate later today?


Y2K Hits the Hill

The full Senate takes up a measure today to set aside about $500 million in Small Business Administration loans for businesses trying to repair their computer systems.

The Senate will also release a major report on the effects of the computer bug within the United States and abroad. A special Senate panel on the Y2K problem chaired by Sens. Robert Bennett, R- Utah, and Christopher Dodd, D-Conn., concludes that Americans could face widespread, if generally minimal, disruptions in health care, financial services and food and energy supplies.

Both senators say the economic and social effects could be more serious in many foreign countries that havent made the effort or dont have the money to fix the problem.

Between 30 and 50 percent of all companies worldwide will have at least one mission-critical failure, Bennett said, citing a study by the Gartner Group. That figure drops down to 15 percent for companies here at home.

Bennett warns that even a relatively small number of Y2K problems could be disruptive, leading to an economic downturn. No business operates in a vacuum, he noted. Our economic sectors are inextricably bound together.

Also this week, House and Senate committees will conduct hearings on how well the food industry and the Pentagon are prepared for Y2K. President Clinton has given federal agencies until March 31 to make their computer systems Y2K-ready, and the Defense Department is struggling to meet that deadline


-- Kevin (, March 02, 1999.

What a bonehead. It almost makes me glad that Clinton wasn't impeached.


-- Roland (, March 02, 1999.

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