What has happened to 3T ? Where are they and when will they be making any appearences?

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I really would like to know what has happened to 3T...i mean they hav`ent been in magazines,on T.V, radio or anything for about the last two years.Its like the guys don`t even exist anymore. I really miss them and i wish they could bring out new songs....wheres this next album ? well thanx 4 listening 2 me....plz let me know cause im getting worried!!!!! Peace , love n 3T hope 2 all u devoted fans Love Ami -xx-

-- Ami Simpson (the.simpsons@nationwideisp.net), February 24, 1999


they are still all packed up in the studio. I heard that they could'nt decide on a name for the album and stuff. Just keep hoping they'll finish soon.

-- Chris (cou@gurlmail.com), May 12, 1999.

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