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Prophecy God gave me Julie Pearse early AM on Feb. 16, 1999 I feel it wasn't just for me So that is why I share it with you all. ******************************* Look to me, little one. Don't look to your left or to your right, butlook to me. I will be there for you, you don't need to fear.

I am closer than a whisper, just ask. I hear, I understand.

Remember that the world does not have your answers. Only I do. Look to me. Lean on me.I will be there ? reach out for me.Don't be afraid. I'll be there.

Don't look back to the old friends from the past. Don't look forward to the future - it can't help you. I am your present - the NOW for you! Turn only to me. Be with me as we walk the road together.

Remember, I won't leave you desolate. I won't leave you alone. You are my own. Learn to trust me and lean on me. count on me, put your faith in

me.I will not fail, I will come through for you Julie. It is me, your God.

Ask yourself, "Do I totally trust my God, or do I want to go with the world system that seems to be falling apart all around?"

Yes, at every turn you see things wrong or messed up about the world system of things.

I am pulling out the underpinnings, the foundation of the world. The banking system, and the world order of things will all be torn down - broken down, so don't trust in it for it will only fail like the Tower of Babel. Many trusted in it, invested in it and it failed - it fell.

Things that man has built will fail.Anything man has built to exalt himself I will bring down.

So you ask, "What is the answer? Where do I go from here? What do I do?"

My answer is PRAY. Prayer is the answer. Surround yourself with prayer. Build and surround your house with prayer. Sow a seed of prayer. Being prayed up will bring the harvest you need when you need it.

But I need you to sow in tears. Sow in prayer for this country in a collapsing state, ready to fall. Please hold it up through prayer. I am the only answer for this country, world and nations. Pray they will seek me.

As Esther prayed for her people, pray for my people to rise up and be victorious in the end times. Pray that my people will remain strong and united so they can withstand the wiles of the enemy. The enemy is pulling out all the stops, but I am there to protect, help and save. Look to me!!!! ************************************ 2/17/99 I am receiving some added thoughts from other places that confirm this word so I include them now. Some added thoughts Remember stay full of hope, but the end lies with God. Trust In God for all events depend On Him and Him alone. So in other words in all events depend on God. You cannot want when God's your best friend. Weigh well your part and do your best; Leave to your Maker all the rest. by Nathaniel Cotton Some Scriptures I feel led to add to encourage you with: Stay calm in adversity Psalms 10:6 He hath said in his heart, I shall not be moved: for I shall never be in adversity. Psalms 94:13 That thou mayest give him rest from the days of adversity, Isaiah 7:4 Say to him, `Be careful, keep calm and don't be afraid. Do not lose heart... HOPE THOU IN GOD. Psalm 42:5 KJV Why art thou cast down, O my soul? and why art thou disquieted in me? HOPE THOU IN GOD: for I shall yet praise him for the help of his countenance. Remember JESUS IS STILL LORD of ALL" ********************************** BETWEEN THE YEARS Our Lord and our God. We joy in Thee. Without Thy Help we could not face unafraid the year before us. I stand between the years. The Light of My Presence is flung across the year to come - the radiance of the Sun of Righteousness. Backward, over the past year, is My Shadow thrown, hiding trouble and sorrow and disappointment. Dwell not on the past - only on the present. Only use the past as the trees use My Sunlight to absorb it, to make from it in after days the warming fire-rays. So store only the blessings from Me, the Light of the World. Encourage yourselves by the thought of these. Bury every fear of the future, of poverty for those dear to you, of suffering, of loss. Bury all thought of unkindness and bitterness, all your dislikes, your resentments, your sense of failure, your disappointment in others and in yourselves, your gloom, your despondency, and let us leave them all, buried, and go forward to a new and risen life. ***************************** This seems to confirm the word God gave me and add extra comfort. Because this all started for me when I heard about the Y2K problem and all that is suppose to happen. It was just to much for me to handle. In other words I have to much stress in daily life let alone worrying about the future. Ok Folks I put it out there. It says in the Word let every word be judged. What do ya all think? What I want to know is dose it witness to your spirit? ******************************************** Remember that you must not see as the world sees. I hold the year in My Hands - in trust for you. But I shall guide you one day at a time. Leave the rest with Me. You must not anticipate the gift by fears or thoughts of the days ahead. And for each day I shall supply the wisdom and the strength. GOD CALLING, Edited by A. J. Russell *****************************

-- Julie Pearse (Angel@integrityonline7.com), February 20, 1999

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