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I am owned by a young cat, who adopted me in May of 1998. Here we can talk about our fine furry friends.

-- (, February 18, 1999


My cat has all the best traits. He will cuddle quite regularly. He will even fetch things for you.

The problem is that he will dig his claws into you until he gets your attention. And he's recently picked up the nasty habit of bringing his turds to you as "gifts." I have no idea what brought that insanity into his head. I think he likes to watch me freak.

Another interesting quirk about my cat is his television viewing habits. Jaco LOVES the teletubbies. Nothing else really captivates him, except for possibly baboons on the animal channel.

-- jon (, February 23, 1999.

Does your cat need to climb on you whenever you are on the computer? For example, my left-handed typing is compromised at this very moment because my cat Chiba is on my lap with his arm OVER my left arm. He makes it so I would be heartless to kick him off... He looks up at me and purrs constantly. I also have a cat Problem. My other cat Milo is attention-needy. He walks around the place Meowing even if we call him in to us. Solutions? Prozac?

-- Amy Carson (, February 20, 1999.

got you beat by a's mine:

rolly (pronounced Roll-ee) boots (sometimes called alien cat) red (also referred to as Puff-Daddy) tiger whitey 1 whitey 2 (neither of which is white) poley (pronounded Poll-ee)

take that! : )


-- A2Z (, February 25, 1999.

I have a solution for the claws... Soft Paws. They are like fake fingernails for cats, only they cover the whole claw. They last for about 4+ weeks (depending how your cat likes them, Dori doesn't mind them so she doesn't try to bite them off). I like to paint them weird colors before I glue them on.

-- xi '96 (, February 25, 1999.

cats are most wonderous......

if you pet and love and feed a dog it looks up at you and thinks..."this is my god"

if you pet and love and feed a cat it looks up at you and thinks..."i must be a god"



-- A2Z (, March 03, 1999.

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