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Looking for 2 energetic, sympathetic and creative tech-educators/ ed-technologists to oversee the 332 HM i designstudio space in the evenings.

Projected hours: M-F: 5-11 Sat: 12-5 Sun: 4-9

Each position would require a 17.5-20 hr./wk. committment. Pay: $8.50/hr plus 3 credits tuition (pro-rated--So, the sooner you apply, the more money's reimbursed!)

Students would also have an opportunity to work with i designstudio staff in expanding programmatic and technical resources available to CCTE students.

If interested, please email resume to me (Jen Hogan) @ jenhogan@ilt.columbia.edu or drop off a hard copy off it in my mailbox in the 332 Horace Mann Office.

-- Jen Hogan (jenhogan@ilt.columbia.edu), February 12, 1999

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