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The governor and other incinerator advocates seem to be renewing efforts to build an incinerator on Guam, despite the Guam Legislature blocking the project in 1998 and despite numerous unanswered questions about the contract and the effects of an incinerator on the island. Why do you think this project has gotten new life? Any thoughts on the incinerator project overall?

-- greencitizens (, February 10, 1999


no mystery here. they held off on the incinerator until after the election because they knew that if it became a public issue, the governor and his senatorial candidate buddies would've taken major hits for this issue. it's a no-win situation for them as an election issue.

so, they waited until the governor no longer could be hurt by pushing the incinerator. let lil' ol' petey sgro jr. push the issue by himself until the big guns could be brought in.

i expect we'll see much more with this issue in the months to come.

-- wonderboy (, February 15, 1999.

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