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I recently attended a week-long seminar teaching cooperative working environments. One of the most heated days of discussion revolved around the theory that workers do not need incentives to perform their work. They teach that a "pat on the back" or bonus money can actually do more harm than good as far as productivity goes. They go on to explain that if you define goals and common ends for the workers to work towards, the workers will focus on achiving the goal without additional incentives. (Obviously, there is more to the overall plan than this) Does anyone have additional input about a cooperative (team) work environment with or without incentive programs?

-- Bill White (, February 09, 1999


There are all kinds of incentives besides money. I have found that most workers want more than just a pat on the back, that some want public recognition, others want something else more subdued, all want genuine, specific feedback on a continuous basis. yes, this is enough to keep them motivated.

-- Rosa-Fay Milnar (, July 11, 1999.

I have found recognization to be an incentive. At staff meeting, whenever possible, try to highlight something good that an employee has done. Everyone appears to like praise.

-- Nancy Dixon Maready (, July 13, 1999.

Different people get motivated differently. Sometime we can tell what motivates other people and a few has already been discussed. I found that the best way to find out how to motivate people is by asking them personally. Say during appraisal meeting, the supervisor can ask "what is it that the company can do to make you happy?". If the person is open enough he/she would be glad to tell his/her supervisor what motivates them.

-- Alvin Mercado (, October 13, 1999.

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