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If and when you guys have a guess who the competition would be when Hershey goes AA,could you post something ? This may have a bearing on who trys out. Actually,if you guys have any guesses on teams,length of season,etc... I am shure people would be interested both ways.

-- Anonymous, February 04, 1999


The competition at AA are the other teams in that league - Jr. Flyers, Little Capitols, etc. The teams stretch from DC to Long Island. The season length is the same as ours is now. Usually when you have a "road" weekend you knock out several games, to keep the trips down. If we go that way, our brochure will have a full explanation of what that decision means for the players/parents. Obviously we have grown out of the level of competition of the DVHL and Tier II, at least with our top teams at each level. These teams often play and do well with AA/Tier I teams. We are trying to move up to that league for next season. If we cannot, we will probably field independent elite teams that will participate in tournaments in Boston, Lake Placid, etc, perhaps one a month or something and then play other independent or AA teams in between. Reston and other organizations such as Snapple Express in NY are in the same boat as us. We are working on that decision now. In either case, we will hold evaluations in April, and some coaches may elect to practice and play in a few tournaments in the spring/summer. That isn't decided until just after evaluations. There is some kind of moratorium against new teams joining the AA league due to the over crowding of teams in the Philly area and some other issues, so we are trying to resolve that to see which way we'll go for next season. In any case, we still expect to put A and B teams in the DVHL, probably our 2nd and 3rd teams at each level, so nobody should get left out. Whoever doesn't make the teams from the April AA/Independent evaluations can go to the May A/B evaluations.

Bill Hines

-- Anonymous, February 04, 1999

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