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dear Francine:

I have seen these information about A-team ,with Qisan's help, I have accessed these site. But I am not too clearly what should I do, whether I am begin to discussion about index's document's content. Could you tell me? Could you tell me about HO's updated financial institution.

In the past, Due to my English is not good, I am not familiar with HQ and our office's financial's position, so my major duty is record office operations expenses. Now, I became familiarity little by little, I believe my work will do it well than before.

-- Anonymous, January 29, 1999


First Task

Du Ying wanted to know what was our first task as a team. What I would like for us to begin to discuss is the INDEX document. This document contains the preliminary parts of the Workbook for training or new or fairly new country offices.

You will need to put yourself in the position of being a new country director and staff. If you were new to HPI and you had never operated a country office of this kind, what are the kinds of things you would like to know -- how to open a bank account, how to complate a project budget, how to develop a cash in/cash out spreadsheet, etc.

I have listed a few things in the Index document and would like to get some additions from you-all. Look over my list and post what you think my be good additions to a Training Workbook. We do not need to come up with the content just yet, but what we think should be included and a brief description of each part.

If this is still not clear, let me know. Thanks.

-- Anonymous, January 29, 1999

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