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I was just at Alan Simpson's y2k debate page. It states that it has been open since Dec 5th - - - There is nothing there! No input from the masses. I gather he was a GI, and now he is DIFFERENT? What's up? IT'S GOSSIP TIME!!

-- sam (we', January 21, 1999


My speculation: His web-page always was pretty bad. I think he just found easier ways to make money. He seems to have a security- clearance (or at least contacts in the intelligence community) and can probably make a fortune as a Y2K-aware consultant specializing in communications.

-- Anonymous99 (, January 21, 1999.

Allan got told to quit running his mouth.

-- Big Bass (, January 23, 1999.


Hope this reaches you......would like to further discuss your brother and the "chip".......please e-mail me @ same address......

Thanks, Sandy

-- Paul & Sandy Stambaugh (, January 25, 1999.

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