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Hello: I am a union employee working with self instructed workteams. We have what is called "Shift leaders" who walk around and act like formen on off shifts. The employees choosen for the "shift leader" jobs were junior employees with minimum education. They were choosen because they are friends of the manager. These "shift leaders" are still paying union dues but most union team members are unhappy because higher educated employees with more seniority were overlooked. Is this normaly the way shift leaders are choosen? What ways are shift leaders normaly choosen in a self instrcted work team union plant? Kevin E-mail:

-- Kevin (, January 20, 1999


Kevin, You are asking a very complicated set of questions. The reality is I am sure very multi-dimensional. Leadership is very much a learned skill and can be developed through coaching, mentoring and feedback. One concept I prefer for team leaders is based upon collaborative rotating roles among staff members. With leaders there must be followers and in most cases active leadership is dynamic and can readily shift among numerous individuals. Today work environment are increasing complex. Leadership should be fluid and reflect the ever-changing needs of business.

I would be glad to continue discussions. (617) 536-8862

-- Kevin Fisher (, February 03, 1999.

Sounds as if Kevin F. is or was a group leader.

-- Sherry Pragit (, April 25, 1999.

Atually Kevin, It sounds as if the flaws is not only the selection process, but additionally in, who did the selecting. If you are going to have self instructed work teams, then you ought to empower them to elect their own leaders. The management and team should jointly develope a set of expectaions. The team could pick 3 and let the management make the final or they could go even further and just let the team decide. You may also call me at 314-233-8909

-- Mark Vilbert (, September 27, 2002.

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