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At the risk of asking a totally open-ended question that is too general for anyone to bother answering... I will anyway!

I'll be in Chamonix for 3-4 weeks from mid March to mid April this year. I've read Tuan's excellent list of classic routes, and ice/mixed faces like the N faces of Les Courtes and Les Droites or the Brenva side of Mt Blanc are the sort of thing that interest me, especially for that time of year when I assume that rock routes are out. Maybe even the Croz spur for a big finale if I'm feeling lucky.

What I'm interested in are: - some easier but still high-quality "warm-up" routes to get better acquainted with the area, and to calibrate my own fitness when I arrive - huts which make a good base from which several classics can be climbed - other essential climbs (Supercouloir on MBduTacul?)

Oh, and I'll be scouting for partners, so if anyone reading this is likely to be in the area, then please send me email.

Cheers, Hugh

-- Hugh Grierson (, January 19, 1999


See Mt Blanc du Tacul and Pre de Bar, in my revised version of the write up on classic routes.

-- Quang-Tuan Luong (, January 20, 1999.

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