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Welcome to the Local 2000 Web Masters Support forum.

Although you'll no doubt pick up on it, please notice the way in which this software's being used right here, right now, and how it will be continue to be used in the coming months. It's another demonstration of how it can be used for a lot more than what people generally think of when it comes to forum or "bulletin board" software.

Next, if you haven't already, you'll want to follow the directions that arrived with your system, and reset the "Backlink" in both the forum and mailing list software that are part of it. You'll want to change the passwords on both of them too. You can do everything that needs to be done to set things up without changing the backlinks to your site's url, but you'll need to do it before you "open it up to the public."

Next, would you please copy the two items below the line off the screen, click "Contribute an answer to First things first" (at the bottom of this page), fill in the name and email address fields on the screen that will come up, paste the two items into the text entry field, and add the information so we can add your site to the Local 2000 Directory.

And lastly, please ask any questions you may have concerning the system here in this forum rather than emailing me directly (unless you'd really rather not, of course). Doing things that way will really help with building an FAQ here for other local site/system web masters who come along over the coming months who may have the same questions. Same goes for suggestions you may have.

Regarding that, please ask any questions or make suggestions in new threads (click "Ask a Question"), and (if you can remember to do it), please preface them with the word "Question:" or "Suggestion:" or "Experience:" or whatever key word seems appropriate. That'll make it easier for everyone to recognize what's what on the list. For example:

Wouldn't that be wonderful? No doubt somebody will have at least one or two questions, suggestions, etc.. No giant deal, but prefacing things that way will make it easier for people to see what's what. Especially folks coming here for the first time to get their "Set-up:" information.

And I'd like to strongly encourage you to not be at all shy about answering questions other web master might have as time goes by, if you know the answers, or have handled whatever the situations they ask about might be. That is to say it isn't written anywhere that this is just a "two-way" forum where people ask questions or make comments, and I do all the responding. As with everything else about this entire project, these systems, I hope there's lots of collaboration that goes on... That's what it's for, and that's why this software's such a big and important part of it: it makes that kind of thing possible.

If you'd like to "add an alert" for this forum (to receive updates of things that get posted here by myself or other web masters), you can do that by clicking here, or by clicking the link that says that on the main level at any time.

You may see a few "Reserved thread" subject titles here right now. If so, that just means you're getting here when this forum is brand new. I've put those in to provide some space at the top of the list for a few things I'll probably want to put in ahead of the "Set-up:" items that need to go in right away...

Again: Welcome. And remember: This isn't just a place for people to get their set up pieces and to ask me questions... It's also intended to be a place for Local 2000 web masters to get together and ask each other questions, maybe talk about things that seem to be working or not working in their areas (with the system or otherwise).

Here are those two items to copy and fill in. Just copy them and post them as an Answer in this thread. (If you don't know your new url yet, please skip this for now, but please come back and do it when you know. Thanks.)...

Area site name:

Your site's URL:

-- Anonymous, January 17, 1999

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