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I'm asking this on my brother's behalf. He's got himself into a real mess, and owes Woolwich B.S. #7,000 in arrears. He came home from work this week (13/1/99) to find the flat boarded up and locked. Woolwich have repossessed the flat. Many of his belongings have also been taken. Even his 3 cats were taken to the RSPCA! I deeply regret that I was unaware my brother was in such a position, because I could have helped him financially. (I only found out today.) I'm now having to act on his behalf because he is so distressed. The question is: Is there anything I can do to 'undo' the repossession. I'm willing to pay off his debt, but can't reach Woolwich repo dept til Monday. Help!

-- john gordon (, January 15, 1999


You need to see a lawyer, is the short answer. It's already progressed too far for general advice in that they technically own the place if there has been a court repossession order. I would also ring the Woolwich on Monday and see if they are willing to undo what has happened.

Failing that, you may find a court will consider it but frankly I would let it go. If your brother can't afford to pay for it there's little point in keeping him in there, as presumably this will reoccur. It would be more practical to help him negotiate a limited settlement when (if) the society comes looking for any shortfall.

Prior to repossession this may not be so as courts will often not allow repossession if the customer can pay something. But I do not know of them doing this after repossession.

I hope this helps

Regards, Lee for the Home Repossession Page

-- Lee (, January 16, 1999.

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