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I am interested in designing a digital portfollio to put on writable c.d.s. Does anyone know what program i should use that is windows based and does not require any much code writing? I have heard that shockwave would be nice and also director. However I am looking for something user friendly? thanks

-- brett williams (, January 08, 1999


I think "Adobe Acrobat" could be the programm you need, very user friendly, no code writing... Simpy create your pages in photoshop, X-press etc... and put al the pages together in Acrobat exchange. With Acrobat you can design a complete portfolio, with interdactive buttons and links etc...even Quicktime movie's. One of the great advantages is that any client can download (if it is not allready installed with windows, Mac or UnixOS) Actobat reader for free, and Acrobatfiles are multiplatform readable. Adobe files can also be put on any website in a glance.

You can find al the info you need at: See some nice examples at: They have there complete productinformation in Acrobat Pdf. If you need more info, please... ask Greetings Michael

-- michael wojcik (, January 08, 1999.

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