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um yes....the other night myself and 2 buddies of mine broke into a farm and had wild passionate sex with a sheep....we then mutilated it.....i didn't think sex with a sheep would be wonderful....but it had the sexiest little sheep body you have ever seen.....and it's vagina fit so nicely over my erect...but semi...small penis....i enjoyed it very much but i was curious to know.....can i contract any std's from a sheep if i have intercourse with it and exchange fluids with it? i am concerned because wearing a rubber just takes all the fun out of it for sheepy and myself...please help

-- Shawn Locke (, December 29, 1998


Officially, I think that your activities are despicable.

You don't need to worry about STDs if you're monogamous.

Perhaps mutual masturbation would help?

And hey.. as for the mutilation thing, as long as you're both consenting adults with health insurance, No big deal. As with all heavy kink, a "safeword" is recommended. That is, a word that shouldn't normally come up in conversation while you're, ahem, humping or whatever. Like "chickadee" or "parsnip". When either partner says the safeword, the other should just stop what they're doing, generally because it has reached (or crossed) the point of injury.

As they say, it's all fun and games until someone loses a testicle.

-- William (, December 29, 1998.

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