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Started own freelance photography business in September. Advertising is costing me a fortune! Have several displays (3 30X40 foamcore w/2 16X20 prints) with signage and logo on the bottom with web address and telephone number plus business cards on right hand side.

Have several smaller tabletop displays (81/2X11) in nail & hair salons.

I specialize in family & children beach portraiture. Also produce model composites, portfolios, fashion/glamour, swimsuit, lingerie, and commercial modeling photography.

Any suggestions as to how I can get my displays in malls or other locations that won't charge or cost a fortune. I have accounts at the banks, so they're not charging me. Have told everyone that has agreed to let me display my tabletop, that I will give them a free 8X10.

Any other suggestions as to what I can do? Was diagnosed two yrs ago with Multiple Sclerosis. Went back to school and changed careers after 18yrs in radio broadcasting. Have to work smart, not HARD! Stress is a big no, no with MS, which is why I don't go after the wedding market.

Have a Cannon Elan eos and Mamiya 645 system, along with portable lights and backdrops..

Do nice, professional work. Just need to get the word out to people with disposable incomes. Working on Florida's west coast in Bradenton, FL.

Anyone with ANY suggestions, I would be most grateful and appreciative! If there is every anything I can do to help those that have helped me further my career, all they need do is ask!

Thank you-in advance.

Gary Begin Gary Begin Photography

-- Gary Begin (, December 17, 1998


You are in a lucrative area, lots of money in Saasota/ Bradenton I am in Clearwater, Fl. Location enviormental portraits on the beach, parks or in their homes is very profitable. You can spend an hour shooting and gross 50 % of a wedding taking 8 hours of shooting. Promote larger wall portraits 16x20 on up keep in mind it takes the same amount of work to order a 5x7 as a 30x40 right? Try some B&W on the beach people love it. Offer sessions to prominent family resturaunts with of course a portrait in their location on display with your name and phone on it along with business cards or brochures. Try a postcard with a few examples of your work and purchase a mailing list of families with higher incomes. I am getting some referrals from hotels on the beach tourists love beach and sunsets to remember their stay.Check your local mall offer to display your beautiful30 x 40's in their empty stores offer them some promo shots in return for the exposure they are creating for you. Good luck, hope some ideas help, David Wright 727-448-0434

-- David Wright (, December 17, 1998.

I'm in the UK so its difficult to provide relevant ideas. However have you tried a press release complete with a picture of one of your attractive models or even a self portrait of you and one or maybe more models.

Best of luck

John Swannick

-- John Swannick (, February 11, 1999.

Advertise with It's free and you are allow to upload 36 of your works to your own portfolio.

Of course, nothing is free in this world. 15% commission will be charge for any works sold. Try it!

Ciao andrew meyer

-- Andrew Meyer (, August 03, 2000.

I am a working photographer in Connecticut, USA. Take advantage of the internet. get a very inexpensive site with some samples and put the site address on all you literature, especially your business card. try to get some referrals from all your customers. Building business is slow, but it begins to multiply over time. just do good work and be very nice to your clients. they appreciate that. see

-- paul smyres (, January 16, 2001.

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