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I have asked many individuals in my community of Wilmington about the personal feelings that Y2K holds for them. Many feel alone in their assessment and limited in their options toward understanding and preparing for the challenges presented by Y2K. If we can connect with one another, share our understandings, might we become more resilient in our beliefs of what might be possible?

My first concern is, "Are you willing to publicly share the concerns of your family?"

Publish your concerns here, please. Perhaps, you're not alone...

-- Critt Jarvis (, December 17, 1998


I have been educating people in my county since September 1998 by conducting presentations, and speaking to dozens of groups. Now I find that here we are in May, and rarely does anyone come to help in community preparation. My feeling is everyone is taking the information and running selfishly with it. That wasn't my intention when I took my time and donated it to educationg the community. How do we get people to help each other instead of helping just themselves? CMc

-- CArolyn McCullough (, May 11, 1999.

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