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I know that this is supercouple TNT, but I'm confused. I miss something along the way. Now I'm the biggest TNT fan in Washington DC. So someone tell me actually why Todd and Joey don't like each other. I mean everyone knows he loves Jessica and hate Kevin. But I thought that Joey and Todd got along. What happened there. Joey was calling him uncle todd for awhile and ven defended him against Kevin. At TNT wedding it looked as if they had been enemies for years. Tell me your opinion.

-- SeQuoria (, December 02, 1998


Ever since Don Jeffcoat took over the role, and they went through 2 new headwriters, Joey has not liked Todd very much. Its not like they are enemies. Joey just doesn't pretend to like him. He does call Todd uncle though. I guess he's just more accepting of the fact that Todd is his uncle and there is nothing he can do to change it than Kevin is. After Dorian and Mel's wedding Todd and joey were hanging out at Dorian's house. Todd was trying to get info from Drew and Joey told him to just leave because nobody wanted him there. He just doesn't care for Todd, but he's not obsessing like Kevin.

-- PrincessSierra (, December 02, 1998.

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