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I am doing an independent study project in school about photography. An independent study project is a science project where we research and learn about a topic of our choice. I chose photography because a camera sounded like an interesting machine and I wanted to learn all about it.

My question is what kind of camera do you recommend for an intermediate photographer?

Do you suggest a SLR? Or maybe just a regular snapshot camera? Or a rangefinder (if they still exist)? I need to know what you think so I know what kind to get. Whatever kind you say I will try to get.


-- Eddie Miller (, November 30, 1998


I suggest a good mid-level 35mm SLR in either autofocus or manual (your choice)made by Nikon or Cannon. Something like a Nikon N60 or Cannon Elan II should fit the bill nicely. You might want to take a look at for some good info on purchasing cameras and techniques. Regards, JLee

-- JLee (, February 24, 1999.

see books by John Hedgecoe, British photographer search the internet I have a site at where there are many links and information that may be useful to you

-- paul smyres (, January 16, 2001.

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