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Hi everybody! After exploring this beautiful China for almost 5 years, I simply realize that now the country belongs to the world, after it's opened a few decades ago, millions of people had come and gone through the gate of the most "successful" communist country, especially after Hongkong rejoin the clan, and Macau which is also coming in 1999. Well, a little bit about me, I'm based in Shanghai for now, which I think is the one of the best cities in the country, and maybe east asia, as well as the bad things about it! hah. Ok guys, I hope it can help, the fact is I've been expecting a forum like this to come, and unfortunately, this LUSENET is here, and still have some rooms for me, thanks to Mr.Greenspun, and thanks to all of you who visited and hopefully post something in this new board. Till then.


-- Bill Wiriawan (bill@public.shanghai.cngb.com), November 27, 1998

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