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Would anyone know of a resource where I may be able to find information confirming the existence and or location of businesses in San Francisco from the period 1880-1900? Would appreciate any help you can give! Thanks! Dennis

-- Dennis Vogt (, November 26, 1998


The San Francisco Public Library has copies of Annual Business Directories. The fifth floor Directories department has directories from 1874 to today. The sixth floor San Francisco history room has earlier directories.

-- kurt Iversen (, December 03, 1998.

A couple of additional good sources of information on the subject (both should be available in the S.F. Main History Room) are:

"Representative Men of San Francisco": biographies of leading business men of the late 1800s,


"Commerce & Industries of the Pacific Coast": good summaries of California businesses of the late 1800s.


-- Chris Dichtel (, February 01, 1999.

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