What U Think about Thanksgiving AND no school Sunday!

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Hi Folks!

P-L-E-A-S-E, Do NOT give our password to ANYONE OUTSIDE OUR CLASS!! Mr. Ilsen made it for us to use to pass messages and information to each other, he can be reached at: kilsen@m-vation.com I know Mr. Ilsen, who made this password protected bboard for us to use, will appreciate a brief e-thanks from us for the bboard.

In addition to a great Thanksgiving holiday, I hope you are going to do something wonderful with this Sunday off from our class! I would like each of you to tell us -- it doesn't have to be long -- about your Thanksgiving bracha given we have no school this Sunday.

I'll be posting text here relating to the stuff we're talking about. I am very proud to be working with you people this year. It means a lot to me. Thanks for being so great and have a super Turkey Day!

Mr. S

-- Anonymous, November 24, 1998

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