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We'll need to have our driveway plowed whenever the snow gets deep this winter, and Sparling (who has the road plowing contract this winter) won't do driveways. Is anybody interested in pooling the cost of driveway plowing? That is, several of us could get together and agree that whenever one of us got plowed, the others in the group would too. If we get the right plow contractor, we might get cheaper and quicker service than if we all do our own thing. After all, if the snow's deep for one of us, it's probably deep for all of us.

-- Anonymous, November 10, 1998


Last winter was pretty mild, but we may actually get some snow this winter. Who plows driveways? If you can recommend a good driveway plower (or if you have your own plow) please respond to this thread. Maybe we can pool together to hire somebody on snow days. Thanks!

-- Anonymous, October 30, 1999

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