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What do you mean by pointing viloria.net to my address? Will you charge me anything? Why are you doing this?

-- Manuel Viloria (manuel@viloria.net), November 05, 1998


What I offer: yourdesiredusername@viloria.net AND http://viloria.net/yourdesiredusername will point to your real homepage

What I need: the e-mail address where you want your viloria.net address to send mail to; your promise to use the @viloria.net address responsibly; the address of your homepage, if applicable. Oh, I promise to keep your real e-mail address confidential. Just remember, however, that spammers have robots which search everywhere for e-mail addresses. Oh, this is an exclusive service for Vilorias and their immediate family.

Fees needed: Zero (Donations, while not required, will still be appreciated, though.) Zero fees assume that your use of @viloria.net is for "reasonable" purposes. This means you use e-mail to keep in touch with relatives and some business associates. Please do not use this service for bulk e-mailing purposes.

Aim: To maximize the use of Viloria.net

I found a webhosting package that costs me about $4.00 a month. However, the webspace and bandwidth limitations are quite small. If I make my site too popular, my $4.00 will jump significantly.

For me, paying $4.00 for a simple website is not cost effective. However, offering FREE e-mail and webpage redirects to Vilorias worldwide will make my $4.00 worth it.

Again, I will not collect fees from you. This is a free service.

If you are interested, just let me know. Please let your other relatives know also. Thanks!

Warmest regards, Manuel Viloria http://viloria.com (Yes, I registered viloria.com also)

-- Manuel Viloria (manuel@viloria.net), November 05, 1998.

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