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I am a member of the Electronic Warfare Advanced Technology (EWAT) Program's Situational Awareness (SA) Integrated Product Team (IPT). One of the SA IPT's tasks is to develop and coordinate the Annual Symposium on Situational Awareness in the Tactical Air Environment.

Technology is rapidly pulling the services into the future and, with it, an increasing amount of data (not necessarily knowledge) is streaming into the cockpit from advanced systems and highly sophisticated weapon systems. The tactical crewmember must process real-time data from onboard and offboard sources, respond to direct calls for fire support from air, land and sea-based assets, as well as integrate information from a myriad of command and control sources. How the crewmember handles this increase in data flow (knowledge management) is the primary focus of modern SA concerns.

The Fourth Annual Symposium on Situational Awareness will focus on how advanced technologies provide knowledge to the tactical aircrew, and will be held June 8-9, 1999 at the Paul Hall Center, Piney Point, Maryland. For additional information, contact me via email.

-- Tom Assenmacher (, October 21, 1998

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