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I just received a shipment of coffee mugs with my company name, logo, telephone # and email address to use as "business cards". They are very attractive and almost definitely will not be thrown away or misplaced like a business card. The cost for 185 cups was $400, and they are beautiful! This cost included $55 setup fee which will not be charged on reorders, and $127 for shipping from PA to Calif. It is a really classy promotional item -I plan to give them to all of the prospective brides and grooms with whom I meet, and I know they will not forget me. If you are interested, you might call my supplier, Mr. Alan Belkin, who is honest and really knows his stuff; Alan's phone is 650-637-9057. Use my name, Bill Attig, so that he knows to treat you well! (No, I do not get a commission).

-- Bill Attig (, October 19, 1998


I dunno if that's a good promotional idea. I know that I have no such cups in my posession (i.e., promoting a company). The only cups I have with decor on them have artwork I like, such as Escher. Maybe it would be a better idea if they had a cup with them on it. A free studio sitting with an 8x10 and a cup wouldn't be a bad thing.

Since you (and the rest of us) are selling photography, the best thing to do is to get the client in the habit of being photographed by you. The concept that you want to instill in them is you in front of them with a camera, and them loving the results.

From reading your spartan web site at, you've been doing this for a while, and you've been quite successful without the mugs. Since you are really selling to the bride, why not a flower vase or similar instead? A vase with a flat spot, some Liquid Light, a negative with her, and you would have what I imagine would be a stronger, lasting, memory device than a mug.

-- Brian C. Miller (, October 29, 1998.

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