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Welcome to Photographers Communicating!

This discussion forum is dedicated to photographers helping each other to market themselves. You are invited to start a thread or contribute your $.02 to ongoing discussions!

If you have a success story, please write about it here--you never know when someone else's story might inspire you to greater accomplishments!

Also, be sure to visit our archives of the original Photographers.Communicating email newsletter, at http://www.photogs.com/archive.html

Cheers, Mason Resnick

-- Mason Resnick (mresnick@idt.net), October 19, 1998


Thanks for the email announcing the forum Mason. Best of luck with it, I'm sure it will be a success - I will certainly put my $0.02 in or my tuppence worth as we say in the UK

-- John Swannick (john_swannick@lineone.net), October 19, 1998.

It is great to have a place to share ones experience in photography with others. I hope that everyone can gain from this, as I'm sure I will. Again thanks

-- Jim Rawlinson (chimer2@juno.com), October 20, 1998.

The first thing i did is bookmark this site as homepage...succes

-- michael wojcik (info@mwpartners.com), October 20, 1998.

Thank you. I hope there wil be many story's that wil inspire me here.... (sorry that my english is bad!!!!)

-- Terje Urnes (teurnes@online.no), October 20, 1998.

Like Michael, the first thing I did was bookmark this new forum. I'm looking forward to it.


-- Richard M. Papazian (rmp@sprynet.com), October 20, 1998.

Was so glad to get this notice! With Windows98, it may be easier for me to keep track of than my email! I love photography and one of the main reasons is there is so much, I know I'll never learn it all and get bored! Thanks again.

-- Linda Dingman (lindding@interl.net), October 26, 1998.

My photography mentor just sent me your web site address. I could not stop reading all the great information. I'm looking forward to asking questions and getting such great feedback. Thanks for the awesome advice already in the site. Keep up the good work!!

-- Kristin Griffith (Griff@worldnetla.net), November 02, 1998.

First-rate site!. Excellent idea. Will visit often. Keep up the good work!

-- Mike Orr (mophot@breathemail.net), January 27, 1999.

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