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Dear Colleague,

Knowledge Ecology University invites you to participate in either or both of the following two virtual courses:

1. Increasing an Organization's Intelligence taught by Michael McMaster November 2-14, 1998

2. Communities of Practice taught by Etienne Wenger, Ph.D. November 16 to December 1, 1998

1. In the "Organizational Intelligence" course you will develop a basic understanding of how to:

* Move from current levels of intelligence to its powerful, self-generating increase * Engage the whole organization in removing obstacles to its intelligence * Lead an intelligent organization * Engage the whole population of an organization in supporting such crucial initiatives as communities of practice and generation of knowledge

The instructor, Michael McMaster, is author of:

"The Intelligence Advantage: Organizing for Complexity"

"The Praxis Equation: Design Principles for Intelligent Organization"

Michael has been a member of the Santa Fe Institute, produced and led international conferences on Complexity and Strategy: The Intelligent Organization in '95 and Complexity and Technology: Organizing for Innovation in '97.

2. In the "Communities of Practice" course you will learn:

* What communities of practice are and what they are good for * How theyhave the potential of becoming part of a knowledge strategy * What it takes to foster and sustain them * What the fundamental "infrastructures of knowing" are * What it really means to "manage" knowledge * How to address the challenges and opportunities of new technologies

Etienne Wenger, PhD, is a globally recognized thought leader in the field of learning theory and its applications to business. He is a pioneer of the "communities of practice" research and author of Communities of Practice: Learning, Meaning, and Identity (Cambridge University Press, 1998). His seminal work on communities of practice has been featured in Fortune and Training magazines.

Tuition is $450 per course. 10% discount applies if you register to both courses, group discount also available

Please register at at:

George Por Founder and Sr. Consultant of Community Intelligence Labs,, the home of "knowledge ecology":

-- Gabor Por (, October 17, 1998

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