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I was wondering if any other readers of this page might know of the motivation behind the lack of motorcycle photos on this page. What gives? Does anyone have any insight into what this man is doing with his time?

Thanks in advan

-- Eric M. Winslow (, October 14, 1998


Nah, that answer is incorrecto. I believe he just hasn't had the motivation to do that. Other interests are calling. We'll just have to do without the photos for a bit

-- Eric M. Winslow (, October 14, 1998.

I think I can help you there. I have inside information that the person in question is suffering from a severe lack of film. That IS the definitive reaso

-- Garcia Oliver (, October 14, 1998.

I don't have an answer, but I'll throw out this response from Netscape Navigator 4.06 or so.

-- Joe Schmoe (, October 14, 1998.

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