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There was a young man called Cory/ Who predictions were exceedingly gory/ He forecast disaster for us all/ Often agreed by his friend Paul/ But to me its probably just a story/ ******************************************* There was a young man called Cory/ Who chronicled the y2k history/ In his weather report/ He would never distort/ The future by being perfunctory/ ******************************************** There was a young man called Cory/ Whose name will go down in history/ As the y2k forecaster/ He was certainly the master/ May he never grow too old and too hoary/ ******************************************** There was a young man called Cory/ Who forecast a war but no victory/ We would lose the battle against time/ It'll be "buddy can you spare a dime"/ Well how many times will he repeat this the-ory ********************************************* There was a young man called Cory/ Who courted fame, stardom and glory/ He thought that every program would abend/ In y2k for ourselves we would fend/ But he must have been on some hallucinatory/ ********************************************** There was a young man called Cory/ Who was neither a whig nor a Tory/ He waded the political sea/ Of y2k notoriety/ The Millennium-Gate would be future history/ ************************************************

-- Richard Dale (, October 07, 1998


Too bad Cory doesn't know the whole story........

-- Bardou (, October 07, 1998.

Do all your papers still use the phrase from the Nixon days ....gate, Watergate, Dianagate, Lewinskigate, every crisis is something gate I'm fed up with it. Millennium Gate has a ring to it though.

-- Richard Dale (, October 07, 1998.

We don't have a claim to Dianagate, I think the royal family does.

-- Bardou (, October 07, 1998.


-- carrie (, October 07, 1998.


Some of the current "gates" of the Clinton years have been zippergate (Monica, Paula, Gennifer, Kathleen, etc), filegate (the FBI files matter), travelgate (firing the White House Travel Office staff). I recall a Koreagate, but don't remember the details. But of course, there's a lot of "I don't remember" running around our country these days.

-- Dan Hunt (, October 07, 1998.

And add to that the "Bloodgate" - the company which used Arkansas prisoners to supply tainted blood to Canadian Red Cross and caused Hepatitis C to thousands (literally). Bet you haven't heard of that one down there. Vince Foster (WJC good friend) was associated with the company and guess who was Governor at the time.

-- Laurane (, October 07, 1998.

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